Related Links

Data products and related documentation of the GRACE/GRACE-FO Science Data System (SDS) can be found at the following archives:

Level-3 products of the GRACE/GRACE-FO SDS partners can be found here:

  • JPL/GRACE Tellus : Monthly mass grids for the SDS Level-2 products and global GRACE JPL RL05 mascon solutions.
  • UTCSR : Global GRACE CSR RL05 mascon solutions.

Additional GRACE data and visualization portals:

  • International Centre for Global Earth Models (ICGEM) at GFZ : Collection and visualization of available static and time-variable gravity models as well as calculation of different gravity field functionals.
  • EGSIEM plotter : Interactive tool to display mass grids for combined monthly GRACE solutions and individual daily GRACE solutions from GFZ and TU Graz (ITSG).
  • University of Colorado : Interactive tool to display fully corrected, de-striped, monthly mass grids and hydrological basin averages from GRACE.