Greenland Ice-Mass Change

Mass changes of the Greenland Ice Sheet observed by GRACE/GRACE-FO are provided in terms of the following two different Level-3 products (available at ISDC for GFZ and COST-G ):

Gridded ice-mass changes
Time series of gridded ice-mass change per surface area (kg/m²) with a formal spatial resolution of 50km x 50km, displayed in the map on the left.

Basin-averaged ice-mass changes
Time series of storage variations in gigatons (Gt) for 7 major drainage basins of the Greenland Ice Sheet, including empirical uncertainty estimates, displayed in the time series plot below. These time series are also provided as CSV files (see download link above plot).

Although different algorithms are used for their generation, both data sets agree within the monthly GRACE uncertainty at basin level. Both products are corrected for Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) based on the ICE-6G_D (VM5a) model ( click here for more details ).

Further information on the applied processing schemes and data products is available here as technical note.

Contact: Thorben Döhne (thorben.doehne (at), gridded products), Ingo Sasgen (ingo.sasgen (at), basin-averaged products)